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Bios problems =/

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Ok, so I have this problem with my old gateway computer where i can't go on the internet because the "local area connection" is missing. So I'm trying to install IntelPro8019.exe which is a network driver that i hope will fix this problem. But in trying to install it i cant use the Bios because when i locate it and press the tab for Bios it says "No topic is associated with this index entry" so I have no clue what to do! Please someone help. :(
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I had an issue where installing the NIC drivers would cause a BSOD and I never did figure out what caused it. While this isn't the problem you're having, it might be worth a shot at trying what I did and just throw a cheap PCI network card in there. You might even have one if you have an old computer laying around somewhere.

Is your computer prebuilt? If it is, give me the brand/model number and I'll try to look up the correct driver for you.
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