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A few things.

1. This probably belongs in the hardware forums.

2. While other devices do have BIOS and firmware, BIOS is typically meant to be referring to the main system (motherboard) BIOS, so the topic title is a bit misleading if it's about trying to get the NIC to work.

3. What NIC do you have? Are you sure those are the correct drivers? You can't just install any old network card drivers. The drivers have to match your card.

4. have you even ensured lack of drivers for the NIC is the problem? What does Device Manager show you about it?

5. Listing the OS may help, as things you need to do may slightly differ in how they're done depending on that.

Your post is a bit confusing. You shouldn't be being asked for any BIOS when going to install NIC drivers, and that error message doesn't make sense either (I could Google it, but I'm just saying it's out of place, so it'd help to know more).
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