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Bios Checksum

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how do u see the checksum of the bios? i have read the configuration guide and it doesn't tell u how!
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Well, thats okay then, no need to get so irrate :D Chill and think of a cool running river...or something :D

You are aware that the most common BIOS's (that are floating around on the web, and I do not support) CRC's are in the FAQ:

To check your BIOS (assuming it's one of these 3 in the FAQ) for it's CRC, simply rar it in winRAR, and look at the CRC column (which you may, or may not have to turn on in the winRAR options).

If it is one you've dumped yourself and hence not one of these 3 (which I hope is the case), there is no way of comparing CRCs, but assuming you dumped from the right address at a size of 4MB (exactly) then you will have a good dump (assuming no data transfer cock ups).
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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