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Bios 7502!

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I've search for the BIOS 7502 for two days now, and I still couldn't find it! Can anyone please tell me were can I get it?

The only BIOS I found are:

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nope sorry cant
you gotta find them on you own

i also suggest that you read the board rules
hehe....what are u....a bios collector....stick to scph1001...or...scph7001...
actually, I've found that the Yaroze 3002 Bios works best...seems to run everything a little faster... :p
try to search at yahoo or google
thanks for the tip about Yaroze 3002 Bios really makes emulation a bit faster! :yawn:
Thanks for the tips folks! :D
like read the rulez....this is getting outta control....
I have each and every bios that exists in the world.....but the fuck shit is that I don't get to see any difference....I am now gona try U say it works fast let's check it the way I am using schp7003.......seems to work fine

By the way this thread would be fucked when an admin reads it.....I think it would be closed..............

I think discussions about which bios works best is just what these boards are for. However asking where to find Illegal material is most definately a no no.

We love emulation & PSX emulation is the legalest (is that a word).

As long as you own one.

I own a PSX & it uses US bios. 1001 I think.

I understand your frustation finding files on the web but such is life.

My hope is Bios can be emulated properly in the future & will eliminate the need for Illegal activities concerning PSX. (well except for backups) I believe the FPSe is currently working on that with mixed success.

How do they work around this in VGS & Bleem(ack!)
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Here are the rules of the board about bios discussions:

Any posts discussing illegal material will not be tolerated. Any member asking for / requesting BIOS images or backup images of material that is illegal to distribute, will be immediately banned from the boards. The issue is completely up to the discretion of any Administrator / Moderator of the boards and cannot be argued. This includes but is not limited to: asking for help in finding BIOS images, asking for BIOS images to be emailed, asking for links to sites that have BIOS images accessible, asking for links to backup images of media that one does not own.

Under the discretion of the administrator / moderator, this rule may not apply to information available in the FAQ's such as: using search engines like, which BIOS has the greatest compatibility, etc. It may also not apply to discussions regarding illegal material, but as before stated, only by the discretion of the Administrator / Moderator. "

I guess it's clearely stated.
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this thread is kinda funny though.. cause after reading it and finding out about the 3002.. i searched for it and found it in bout 2 seconds.. probably could find the one the original poster was looking for too.. but don't need to
:D :cool: :D :cool: :D :cool: :D :cool: :D :cool: :D :cool: :D :cool: :D
It is a discussion thread and no one actualy gave away the loaction of the bios. So I'll let it stay, for now. But I'll be watching it.
Raziel, thanks for posting that snippet from the rules. I would urge all to read and heed.
Hey, all I found the schp3002 and will try it out in a bit. I see that its a european bios though, so I'm wondering if anyone playing NTSC(USA) games found it to work better.
us/ntsc here...seems to be faster for me :)
I like the new bios screen, wish a PSX was
I found no difference.....if U want the BIOS 3002 goto

LOL.......:) :eyes: :) :) :) :) :)

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