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Hi to all. My english is not the best, but hope that somebody will help me.

My problem is the next, i am tried to play the game, but i have somebady poblem becose i dont pass the bios menu of the Dreamcast.

I use the last version, the Makaron T12 versin, with the bios, and have donwloadin the D3DX9_41.dll, but its for me impossible to load the game. I read that the last version have a fix to run the game, its the only emu that can run the game (Chancast, and nulldc, will dont run it)

Have someone the same problem like me
What must i do for config the emu correct??

PD: I use this file, Makaron.exe, and it will opoen a windows, that only alow me to configue the game pad, and load games in gdi extension.(Easy to use :))

I think that my problem is that my bios files are not correct, i am using only the japanesse files, becose the game is the japanesse game.


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Okay well first off are you sure you have the BIOS and Flash Ram named accordingly?

Should be named like so:
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