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BioHazard 2 Trial Edition Disc foundings

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Recently I started to play with some psx utilities and look what I've found... Those are the files compressed to *.TIM extansion and apperently are leftovers of the original BioHazard 2 (called 1.5 or the prototype). Does anyone know how I can rip/view *.PIX files?
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wow, that's greate, you realy are in to the never ending search of BioHazard 1.5, how did you found those? doesn't that program you found it have the ablitity to rip it?
Vejita666 said:
As for those 2 doors without any signs were there ever used in the final version of BH2?
hard to tell... because it was loong time ago, that I enjoyed BH2... but I think they were use... (police HQ, that big hall, when you first enter it in leon scenario 1 for example - turn right there probably were those blue doors)
industrian said:
I saw the "advert" for Resident Evil 1.5. It looked pretty cool. Just another lost game though.
yeah... that's a pitty :( well... still waiting for RE4 for my PS2 :D
D.D. said:
shhh...dont let cooliscool hear u >.<
wooooops... ;)
1 - 4 of 15 Posts
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