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bin's and iso's doesnt have sound ?

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hi guys .. wahh today i'm really active in this forum since i registered it . the reply was fast incredible !!!

anyway .. after trying to make ISOz and BINz on my HArddrive .. when i run it using ePSXe .. i found that when MDEC is playing .. no sound came out .. at first i tought it was sound plugin problem but when i put the original cd and play using cd .. the sound came on MDEC movies ... i wonder there's something wrong with my CD to ISO/BIN procedure :

i use ADPRIX ISO BUilt

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my plugin was okay .. i even tried others ...
when i play using CD its okay ... there's sound in MDEC
but when i use ISO to play .. there's no sound in MDEC even using the same plugin without touching any of the configurations...
help me out here ...
does this has to do with CDA stuffs or something ??? :confused:
well .. i thought of that to ...
i'm using Legend Of Dragoon CD ...
on the first MDEC movie after "Sony Entertainment Presents"
blank .. no sound .. could u guys try it see if u encountered the same problem ..

anyway .. if its a CDDA audio .. how do weh ripped it together with the BIN ???
well ..
i dont get what u tryin to say either ...
ehheheh either my language problem or something i dont understand ..
what i'm trying to say is that ..
how do i get to create a .BIN file that plays Legend Of Dragoon MDEC Disk 1 After "Sony Presents" WITH sound :D

is it the fact that when create a .bin file from PS CD's you wont have sound on MDEC or i've used the wrong software to create .BIN's ...

thanks ..
adair .. heheh u we're wrong ..
it has something ot do with adripsx ISO converter ...
u see .. i tried other software to create the bin file ...
and when i run it LEGEND of DraGOON ... MDEC has sound ...
so the conclusion is ...

ADRIPSX iso builder is not very good ..the dont extract music on CD ... therefore use other software :D
I have never tried AdriPSX to make ISO though. I'm pretty sure its not AdriPSX
well ... u did say you're pretty sure its not ADriPSX :D
no offence .. just playing around :p
1 - 6 of 14 Posts
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