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bin's and iso's doesnt have sound ?

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hi guys .. wahh today i'm really active in this forum since i registered it . the reply was fast incredible !!!

anyway .. after trying to make ISOz and BINz on my HArddrive .. when i run it using ePSXe .. i found that when MDEC is playing .. no sound came out .. at first i tought it was sound plugin problem but when i put the original cd and play using cd .. the sound came on MDEC movies ... i wonder there's something wrong with my CD to ISO/BIN procedure :

i use ADPRIX ISO BUilt

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What particular game might this be occuring in? I'm willing to bet that the sound that plays during MDEC playback is actually CDDA-type audio, which isn't included when you rip an ISO.
>how do weh ripped it together with the BIN ???
Do you mean an ISO that has the extention .bin or a file of the .bin format? The reason .bin exists is to address the "shortcomings" of ISOs*, namely the ability to extract audio and non-ISO compliant sessions burned onto a CD. My best guess would be that you should attempt to copy the CD to a .bin file (using something like CDRWin) and play it with the .bin "CD Rom" plugin. Given that I've never tried this, I haven't any idea if that'd solve your problem.

Of course, if you're looking for a more low tech solution, you could always find a nearby CD player and play the CDDA audio over it while viewing the game. It's not pretty, but it'd work.

* - I don't really see the file format's inability to store audio as all that big a problem, seeing as how 1) we already have standards for audio files and 2) ISO was created with the knowledge it's only to be used for data.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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