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Big troubles

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Do movies work in epsxe? They dont for me. All i get is a screen full of garbage and stuttering music in the background. 3D games work nicely but Resident Evil 2's backgrounds appear as a load of garbage, weird load of colours. Anyone help me?
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>Do movies work in epsxe?

yes they do, maybe you didn't enable them

>Resident Evil 2's backgrounds appear as a load of garbage

RE 2 works fine on me, maybe you can post a screen shot and try to disable filtering coz it can cause graphical glitches
There's an option to enable them? I cant find it, is it in the graphics options or what? I think they are enabled though, it plays the sounds but the screen is just a mess. I get this funny error when i go into the graphics, sound or cd option screens it says it cant find some starting point or something in the kernel32.dll, maybe this has something to do with it
Please use the search function.. Mdec problems have been answered numerous times before.. Do a search for "mdec" of the boards..

As for your RE2 background problems.. Check this shot of RE2 running on my system.. This is at a resolution of 640x480, with 4xFSAA on.. Enable filtering\without sprites..
Problem solved! Thanks very much. You're right, i should have used the search fuction.:emb: Cheers again!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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