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big trouble with, pls

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Hi there...

I have really big trouble with ff9, i tryed everything but nothing works:

Win2k pro
epsxe 1.4.0
bios scph1001
pete opengl 1.52 (then software one)
null sound plugin (last one)
cdrom win2k aspi drivers
Ff9 backup cdrom (i think ntsc/usa one)
and after with the iso
When I run the game nothing details two things happen, one is a blank screen with the cd reader spinning and HD reading, the second case is blank screen but nothing spinning or reading...

I tryed also on win98se...but the same happens...also with vgs demo the same thing.
I did try also with the confs found on the site of epsxe fanatics but always the same.

With different plugins happens the same.

Guys what can i do (except to buy a second hand psx), do i have to download patches to play?

Any suggests are welcomed, tnx
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ohh boy not again , 1. Are you sure taht it is a USA verion not a pal a pal needs a patch , 2 have you check driveres , Direct x Pluigins special game FIx and the config it - self ?
well, now i'm checking if i got the pal version...i'm trying the patch, all directx and hardware related stuff are ok..i will let u know if the patch works

(i know that's boring another guy asking about ff9..but it's a great game, and i have to play it...)
no way...after the screen of the patcher comes up, and i chose quit without giving messages...damn....
Try installing ForceASPI. Get it here.
I already did it...i'm still trying with some patches...maybe one of em works...
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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