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Big problems trying to load up saved games

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I'm trying to let my little brother play Spyro 2 or 3 on the PC with this great Emulator and it works fine, no problems at all, both games work very well except for the part where you have to save the game, I have read the faqs about how to save a game on this Emulator, by pushing F4 and then F1, and it does save ok, but for some reason, the program will shut down when i try to load it up sometimes, or sometimes, when it loads up, it will just freeze, this is for Spyro 2. And Spyro 3, sometimes when you go through a Port hole, it closes the Emulator down by it's self, and because i didn't exit the Emulator properly, everytime i go to load up that saved game, it does that exact same thing everytime, and it gets very annoying, i even tried it a few times and it happens exatly how my little brother told me and showed me.

So my Question is, am i doing something wrong here, or does this happen to anyone else at all, please i'd really like some advice, on why i can't save these games properly, thanks.:confused:
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Please if anyone has played Spyro 3 and has not has that problem i have mentioned can you please let me know, because every time i get 300 gems, and i go through the porthole where the Kangaroo is, as soon as i go through it, it saves, and them soon after, it shuts down the Emulator with a Error saying " closing core SPU

Closing GPU

Opcode 38 UNKCPC < 00077f8c > <27794171>

Does anyone know why it keeps doing this, please I need some help here, thanks.
Hmmm, I have the Pal Version to Spyro 3, do you think that could make a difference ? , Anyway i've tried so many different ways it's not funny, but i'm using BIOS 7502, and Petes Open GL graphics card driver.

I'll try the things you mentioned Zephon, and hopefully it works :)
I tried what you said Zephon, but still no good, maybe ePSXe won't play the Pal version to Spyro 3 ?

Has anyone else played Spyro 3 on epsxe, and have you's experienced the problems i have mentioned above, or would you's have an idea on what i might be able to try , thanks.
Can someone confirm that the US version of Spyro 3 Year of the Dragon definitely works on ePSXe perfectly, because i am going to import this game from America, and i don't want to get it , if it doesn't work for sure.:eyes:
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