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It is now almost tradition, to write something about last year and tell some more about upcomming year.

What has happened in 2010:

2 releases in 1 year, thats for dxbx a real progress.
Playable games... that was a realy amezing moment for us.
dxbx-emu cool looking website

and a lot of support of the fan base..

What is comming in 2011:

Hopefully a new release with even more games playable.

We even working while im typing.. patrick is working now on pattern detection part.
To introduce pattern generating with XBEExplorer.. so you can generate own patterns.
Also a lot of new cool stuff on the shaders..

But thats all to come in 2011.

So for now !! Happy new year and best wishes to you all for 2011


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Thanks for all the hardwork you and patrick did this year!
This project along with cxbx has rejuvinated my interest in emulation :D

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happy year and great job guys! I've Started to study programming btw,maybe in a few years from now I will able to help the Emulation Scene!
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