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Yes its almost there, 2010 is comming within some hours and then 2009 is behind us.

It has been a real strange year with as most years it own ups and downs.
While i got the feeling 2009 is a short year a lot has been done.

As always in the beginning of the year, good progress was made to place a stable base for the project like running with its own translated dll and stuff.

also alot of progress has been made in translation work and its looks realy nice. we are still not there for the 100% but the most basic functions are working so we can produce good logging.

This year is also the year that dxbx has made progress on things that cxbx is not doing, like display game logo`s and stuff when you load the xbe file.
And patrick is also working on the xbeloader... this is a complete other way to handle the xbe files.
So dxbx is going to be its own project with its own stuff with help of cxbx code.

In 2008 christmas we made a first release version, and manny people asked if this year was also comming a release version with christmas but the reason why there was decided not to make a release version was that it was the second release with no screens on directx at all.
However the logging is running very good now with directx calls, we have some sitbacks on kernal functions.
thats why there was no new release in 2009.

However we have learned again a lot, made a lot of good progress and stuff.
And the most fun part is that because the lot of progress sometimes we need to debug only a litle piece of code so all other parts can run when its working.

That was specialy in the last months of this year, that when a litle piece of ode was working again that lots of new code was running and the logging was getting larger and larger.

So while my personal feeling say 2009 was a short year, its absolute not a lost year for project.
Even better, from 2008 until now i can see that the xbox scene was comming back and that good to see.
Specially with the huge progress Blueshogun has made with cxbx it helps to get the xbox scene get back online :)

We get alot of support, help from other programmers and also alot of help pf cxbx programmers and lots of fans of the project that is giving huge support.

So for all of you, i wish you a happy new year :)

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I hope a progressive new year to dxbx and cxbx and i,m sure we will see the first screens from dxbx playing something very soon.

This has been a great for xbox emulation and i,m sure the big bomb will blow soon.

Happy new year:D
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