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Best way to use a Dual Shock on a PC?

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...I currently use two SNES pads on LPT1 for all my Emu needs on my PC. Now that I've ventured into PSX emulation, however, those are not going to suffice. Especially like for GT2, you need those analog sticks and vibration. That said, who here uses a Dual Shock? USB or LPT port? I wired up my SNES pads myself, I've tried doing standard PSX controllers and could not get them to work however. I"ve seens sites w/ the schematic for wiring a Dual Shock to the LPT port, you guys think that's the way to go?
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Bump? What the hell does that mean?
Originally posted by carnage179
Bump? What the hell does that mean?
So that this post will go to the top and get noticed.
I think with ordinary PSX Dual Shock pad, you cant get it to work on any PSx emulator. It's working - but the 'rumble' it doesn't synchro with the game (know what i mean?). Those sites telling you about connecting Dual Shock thru LPT port are true. Theoritically.
But for the exact Dual Shock emulation, why not trying Buruter's Dual Shock plugin for ePSXe? I never Tried it, but Buruter said its working ;)

Ultimate Dual Shock for PC would be the Side winder series by Microsoft, or the Gravis ones
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