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Hey guys. I was wondering if someone could give me the best plugin setup for FF9 PAL UK version. It's patched and works, I just want it running the best I can.

System Spec:
AMD Duron 850Mhz Processor
ATI Radeon 32MB DDR
Soundblaster Live! 1024
Samsung DVD-ROM Drive
scph1001 BIOS

Thanks for any assistance. Currently I'm running Pete's plugins, but none of them seem to be very good. The battle transitions are terrible and take about a minute to complete before I start battle. Sound doesn't work well either. It doesn't play on FMVs and plays too slowly in battle. I'm pretty much a newbie with PSX emulation, and I don't know how to conifugre these plugins to get them to work well with my system. I'd appreciate any help you could give me in regards to what plugins to use and what settings to use for these plugins.

Thanks very much :)

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