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Hi guys, im new to visual boy advance and i find kinda different from zsnes (which i used for snes roms) and harder to configure (too many settings). I have a Pentium IV 3.1 GHZ, 3 GB Ram, Win XP.

i need some help configuring these specific options:

In the menu Options i have Frame Skip which goes from 0 to 9 and Throttle. Which options should i chose both for Frame Skip and Throttle?

In the menu Video there is the option Vsync which i dont know if i should enable or not and the Render Method,which is the best one for you guys. In the video menu there's also some options that go from x1 to x4, which one should i choose?

In the menu Emulator i only need help with the option Synchronize, should i tick it or leave it blank?

Then in the menu Sound resides maybe the worst problem, i keep getting static and glitches in the sound when playing games. I need help with the options, Echo, Low Pass Filter and Reverse Stereo should i tick those 3 options or not? and the volume which goes from .25X to 4x (1x is the option i have ticked). Plus there is the sound quality that goes from 11Khz to 44Khz (i have the option 11khz selected).

Finally in the Filter menu which is the best filter and interface blending, my default is normal but i want one that really improves quality. Plus should i disable the MMX support option?

Hope you guys can gimme a hand and hopefully it can be used by others who dont know how to get the maximum performance from this great emulator.

Thanks in advance.

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For the frame skip just use automatic that should work nicely, and only use Throttle use it only if your game is going to fast, if it does just set it to 100 I think.
In the video menu just choose the one you are most comfortable with, I usually choose x2. Synchronize...just leave it be if you are not playing any games that needs to check the time and date.
For the sounds I never tick any of them, but it's just what I prefer. The sound quality I always pick 44 for the best sound possible. In the filter menu I pick Tv mode cause it works great with x2 zoom option (IMHO).

There hope that helps to add to your confusion.:lol:

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Any glitches you are experiencing may be game specific by the way.

1x..2x etc. refers to the size of the window, the bigger it is the more CPU power the emu requires.

Frame skip is an option which skips frames when the emu can't run run the game smoothly so yes automatic would be your best bet here. Or if you can run everything without problems then setting it to 0 would be good.

Vsync locks the FPS of the emu to that of your monitor, so if your monitor is set at 60Hz then the emu will never be able to display more than 70FPS.

Throttle is for if the emu runs too fast, then you can throttle it.

For the renderer stick to D3D (the default) as is, just toggle between nearest and bilenear to see which you prefer.

Just leave the sound options as they are.

I am not quite sure what synchronise refers to..just leave it as it is.

Volume is entirely up to you.

Sound quality ranges from 11khz to 44khz with 44 being the best, each level of sound quality comes with a slight performance hit.

Filters are the most subjective thing on the emu so just pick whichever you like, some of the larger ones do impact on performance a fair bit though.

Seriously though VBA is pretty much plug and play, by default most of the neccessary and best things are on (aside from those which impact on performance) and most of the extra bits most don't need to worry about. Just load up and play, that's the way I started, I never even bothered checking menus or anything for any tweakable options, and even back then it ran just fine on my old P3.
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