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Best Resident Evil Game

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Hey gamers, This is a tuff question. Out of all the Resident Evil Games. What would be the best? If you ask me I would say RR4. Because of the new camara veiw. But the bad thing about it is not as scary as the other ones. Well catch you later gamers! :smilylaze

The Dragon Gamer
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I would have to say that RE4 is the best too.
That's what I also think.
Hmmm, torn between RE 3 Nemesis and RE 4.
Only played Code: Veronica, still need to play the rest.
Resident Evil 2 pwns all.
Resident Evil 2.

Resident Evil 4 isn't released until March or April. :p
RE4 is the Best Gameplay for Gamers, along with the graphics and control system. Plus it's a smooth ride all the way through the game. For complexity and story, one must focus on RE2 - RE3 as the original crown achivements of the series. I think RE4 is the genisis to a new direction for the series, as in alot of ways RE4 could just of well have been anybody's story and not an RE character's such as Ada Wong and Leon.
omg Resident Evil Remake thats way better than 4.... and 3 and 2.
Resident Evil 2 :)... still waiting for RE4 (PS2), than I'll tell :D
I like code veronica too.
RE4 is without a doubt the best in the series, But RE2 and RE0 are pretty awesome.
I, know what your talking about u gamer.
My favorite is ResidentEvil 0 for Gamecube. Very nicely done.
I've played 1-4 and Code Veronica and Outbreak. I would say my favorite is 4, followed by Outbreak, Code Veronica, and 3, 2, 1. So, pretty much the order they were released backwards :p. I'm lucky I played the second one first. I absolutely HATED the first one. I've heard the remake is much, much better, so I'm hoping to try it soon.
I haven't tried RE4 yet, but I like RECV for the Deadcast 'er Dreamcast.
RE 4 is the best ever released man look at all the rating websites it is the best in almost every single way. ask me whats my favorite i would say 4,1,0,2 then comes 3. and all the REs that i have played are purly on the GC so that i enjoy every single aspect of the game.
Played through CV the otherday & cant believe lots of people think its one of the better RE's, no exploding heads, absolutley dire voice acting (which is saying something for an RE game) & a stupid end boss, allthough I have only played it once so might like it better after a few more play throughs.
I like RE4, 3, 2 & 0 about the same though as there all really good.
what do you think, will they make remake of RE 2?? that could be awesome :) (even if it was only release for GameCube :p)
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