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best plugin and setings for a low 4mb ati agp rage pro turbo card

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any one know how i can use a 3d acceleration plugin with my crappy 4mb agp card,i get a crappy maximum of 2 fps on every game?
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I think you're stuck with Software plugins with that video card.
Also, what is your complete system specs?
system: intel celeron 533-mghz,8gb hd,32mb-ram,40x ati cdrom,56k flex modem

I think you might want to try VGS.

(How can you even run WINDOWS with 32MB!?!?)
I don't think there's a way at all to use the 3D accel. plugins and expecting good results. Either software plugins, or use VGS, or bleem! in software mode. If you want to use 3d plugins, get a new 3d card.
Even software plugins or vgs will be slow on your system. A celeron is not poweful enough, and 32 ram is not enough even to run Internet Exporer or Netscape. I suggest you buy a new computer.
Kevman, you can run Windows w/32 mb, but just barely. Sort of like a size 16 person trying to squeeze into a size 14.
Dukenukem, you really ought to consider upgrading your computer.
At least more memory and a better video card if you can. Trying to get ePSXe to perform, even half way decently, w/what you have is going to be very hard, if not darn near impossible. Sorry:( .
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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