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I have quad core Q6700 @ 2.66GHz with 4 gb of ram (3 active due to 32-bit)
my graphics card is nvidia 8600 gt 1gb ram

Heres what PCSX2 says:
CPU vendor name = GenuineIntel
FamilyID = b
x86Family = Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU Q6700 @ 2.66GHz
CPU speed = 2.669 Ghz
Cores = 4 physical [4 logical]
x86PType = Standard OEM
x86Flags = bfebfbff 0000e3bd
x86EFlags = 20000000

Detected MMX
Detected SSE
Detected SSE2
Detected SSE3
Detected SSSE3
Not Detected SSE4.1

Im looking for best settings for PCSX2 especailly for Final Fantasy X and a bunch of other games.

Thanks :).

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ur specs are pretty nice
it might help to overclock ur cpu at little (but make sure uve got the cooling first)
use zero gs for gfx plugin, linux iso for cdrom, sound doesnt really matter (disable it for more speed)
oh n since u have quad core, turn on MTGS in cpu settings
other than that, experimenting is the best way to see whats good
btw speed hacks help if u want a bit more fps but the side effects are that the gfx are a bit choppy

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Here's my recommendations.

1. Overclock the CPU, if possible. PCSX2, unlike PC games, scales scarily linearly with clock speed almost all of the time (unless you're using a weak GPU for a game that needs alot). As of right now, the key to speed in PCSX2 is the most speed of two cores. The other two cores of your CPU, as of right now, will not help, since PCSX2 isn't threaded to take advantage of more, but that will likely (almost assuredly if you ask me) change at some time (perhaps "somewhat" soon). Also note that threading more out won't likely gain huge speed, but it may help some. Either way, for now, it's two cores, and no matter if it took advantage of four, it wouldn't gain a whole boatload, so 2.66GHz is what we're looking at. 2.66GHz of a Core 2 is good enough for Final Fantasy X with speed hacks at least, which is my next recommendation.

2. Use speed hacks. I haven't experimented with them myself (no need, and haven't been playing PCSX2 much lately), but I've read they do near miracles for some games and systems. There's some side effects they can have though, as the hacks basically internally force certain things to be done faster on a specific basis depending on what you speed up, or something like that.

3. If you use gsDX, use the SSSE3 version, since your CPU lacks SSE4.1. ZeroGS seems to be outdated from what others are saying (though it still worked/works fine for this game with it's current version). If you use the latter, my GeForce 8600GTS OC couldn't do 4xAA across the board (it could at some parts). I had to stick to 2xAA or none.

Your RAM is fine. 1GB, and perhaps even 512MB in some cases (Windows XP efficiently set up for memory use) is all this needs.

The GPU is fine for that game. The only question is what internal resolution you'll be limited to.

The CPU is good, but is the bottleneck of those three parts for this program and program/game combination.

Edit: Well, I had about the same advice as that of above, so as you see, these are the basics to try.
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