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Best Method Of Connecting a iPod To your Car CD Player

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Is their another way of connecting your ipod to a car cdplayer? Im Kindof Questioning that Belkin FM trasmitter thing, I dont want to spend 50 bucks on it and end up having Radio Sound Quality Instead of MP3. thats the main thing that worries me about it. The Methoth I want to use is a Y Connector. But i havent found many CD Recivers that have a L/R Audio Jack in the Front Pannel. :(
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is it really that bad? Iv heard mixed reviews about that transmiter
Betamax said:
Depends on the area really. Eg// In belfast I get a brilliant signal from mine, however as soon as I reach portadown (about 30 or miles away) the signal screws up.
hows the sound quality? i live in dallas so i dunno if itll work good
moomoomoo said:
If money is an issue you could go for a cheap cassette head unit that has a 3.5mm input. Or you could try a cassette adaptor that provides the same facility - the quality isn't all that bad!
i have a pioneer 6600 , it doesnt have a tape deck :p
D.D. said:
i wonder why it is that input jacks are kinda hard to find nowadays. my 92 Golf has one in its tape deck which i find very convenient since i can plugin nething i want.

Most of the new CD Players that come out now a days Dont have Input jacks. Probley A Way to rip people off if their trying to connect something too it oO :thumb:
that one actualy does have good reviews (better than the belkin one anyway) my only thing is its price :(
1 - 7 of 16 Posts
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