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Best looking Emulated 2D games ?

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Actually I want to play some cool looking 2D games mostly. So Don't talk to me about Chrono cross or FF9 on PSX :p . I've played some cool ones for different platforms (Won't even mention Neogeo with the best 2D looks)

I really need the best, for example :

*Chrono Trigger looked so detailed but on the same time it needed more bright colors and more animation (too bad the SNES cart had small size) .
*Bahamut Lagoon looked ok and also had the best animation on SNES. But wasn't detailed enough.
*Kirby Super star, in my opinion was the best looking SNES game.

I just want to play the best of 2D on any emulated system, even it's PSX or DC. Oh and don't forget arcade games (except neogeo, which i've nearly played all of them ^^ )
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hmmmmmmmmmmmmm... any? than how about PCSX2?? what was this games name? ;)
May be I didn't explain well :p .
What are the best looking 2D games for each console ? ^^
Include GBA and other handhelds too :)
Zelda: A Link to the Past(SNES/GBA)
Chrono Trigger(SNES)
Dragon Ball Z: SuperSonic Warriors(GBA)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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