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Best ISO creation program?

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I'm trying to create an ISO image to use with EPSXE (I'm using Undisker) but halfway through it just stops (I tried it with FF9,no scratches on CD and it still didnt work). What is the best program to create an ISO (to run off the harddrive)? Thanks.
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Try IsoBuster, that has mad e perfect ISO's for me every time.
Cdrwin is trhe best
I have never had a problem with isobuster or clonecd
Originally posted by Zeke_D
I have never had a problem with isobuster or clonecd
I use Blindwrite.

[]s Badaro
I'd recommend CDRWIN or CloneCD, they both use RAW data reading. DiskJuggler, ISO Buster and BlindWrite are also good programs. I think any one of them can image PSX CDs. Try any of them or all of them, it never hurts to have more than one imaging program. :)
Yeah, Blindwrite is very very easy to use!
I use clone cd and I think its very good.In fact this was the first iso creation software I used and I havent faced a problem yet ,so I am continuing to use it and will recommend it.
The first one I tried was CDRWIN, and it always worked perfectly. So, I never tried any other program.
CDR Win worked!

CDRWin worked with Grandia. Thanks guys!
1st choice: ddump
2nd choice: cdrwin
3rd choice: clone cd
Clone Cd IS the best. if you know it all and use all the option you can make iso of ALL games. theres all unlock options in the program. if the cd have 1 or 2 protection you can bypass it with it. i use that anytime.
The lastest version of CloneCD has this 'Amplify Weak Sectors' feature, to make an even more perfect 1:1 copy of ANY protected game cds (PC and PSX)

Clone CD !!!!
can´t just believe you guys still talking here :D ,
BTW CDrwin is the best
Anyone have that pic that used to be floating around here for the Tekken 3 settings for CDR-WIN?
Heh, you could always use AdriPSX's ISO maker function :p
Isobuster. It's great, easy to use and you can convert your vcds right to mpg files. It's the only one I use. Cdrwin would just freeze for me.
i tried iso buster woking great so far:eyes:
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