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best graphics driver for geforce

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first of all here is my current specs.

athlon xp2000
256mb of ram..pc2700
64 meg geforce 3
40 gig hd

upon getting my new geforce 3 card i am getting sluggish framerates and glitching problems using the new nvidia drivers.

so what i am asking is what is the best driver to use for my geforce 3 card to get maximum performance??

i know there is certain nvidia drivers that catter well to specific card i know about 2 years ago on NGEMU there was a thread about video drivers that offered the fastet you could get with that card. but its gone now so i am stuck for now.

oh yeah help me out with this one.
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I used the 4x series drivers, pretty early on official ones, when I had my geForce 3

just get the lastest nvidia driver only for geforce 3 series.
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