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Best glide wrapper

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some of the glide wrappers are here but the only acceptable one that runs well on my system is the xgl200 but is not fast enough.If you know other glide wrappers that is fast and stable plz. post the link here.Thanks.
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IF you have an Geforce , or TNT card (nvida in all the case) use MGlide 1.246H for the rest use XGL200 0.04a they are the best

go get them at
Ooops forgot i got geforce2 mx card.
well then use the fisrt one that i mentioned
all of them seem a bit old and therefor not taking advantage of new technologies....anyone knows if there is any new projects about this kind of aplications???
oh well....3dfx is dead anyway...:rolleyes: (at the time being that is)
The main problem with these wrapers is that most of the games or Winamp plugins dont recognise the 3Dfx card model so these programs craches.
The only one who emulate correctly a 3Dfx card is Mglide 1.246h but it's far away of perfs and still buggy.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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