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What do you believe are the best emulators for all those consoles out there? I have only known PS2 emulation so PCSX2 would be the one for PS2. But what about the other ones like Gamecube, Xbox, dreamcast N64 and all those? I think this could get quite interesting and useful as well

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Note that these are my personal favorites so the might not be 'the best', but at least the work perfectly fine for me.

Gamecube: ?
Xbox: ?
DC: Chankast
N64: PJ64 ?
PSX: ePSXe / Bleemcast :D
Snes: Zsnes
NES: NesterDC (emu for dreamcast) / FCEUltra

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Phillips CDi: CD-Ice Preview
Plays one game, only publicly available CDi emu at the moment.

DreamCast: Chankast Alpha 0.25
Excellent DC emu, though has a fair few bugs.

WonderSwan: Cygne 2.1a
Good little emu.

LaserDisc: Daphne v0.99.6
Great emulator, plays every laser disc game I have.

PlayStation One: ePSXe 1.6.0
Remains the most compatible and widely used PS1 emu around.

PlayStation Two: PCSX2 0.8.1
The only project being worked on atm for PS2 emulation, and getting much better.

Panasonic 3DO: FreeDo 1.7
Excellent 3DO emulator, and runs very fast with good compatibility (With cooked iso's only (2048)).

MegaDrive / 32X / SEGA CD: Gens 2.11
Legendary, and the damn best!! :p

Atari Lynx Handy 0.90
Best and only one I have ever used.

Turbo Graphics 16 / PCengine / PCE-CD: Magic Engine 1.0 PR8
Amazing PCE emu.

Arcade: MAME 0.xxxxxxxxxxx.xxxx.xxxx.u.blah
For a general arcade emulator not bad (it covers stuff that nothing else does), but if you're after playing NeoGeo / CPS / Model 2 etc...use nebula!!!

SNK NeoGeo CD: NeoCD 0.3.1
The only one I have ever used, rumour has it that the next Nebula version will support NeoGeo CD :D

NES: Nestopia 1.09
I have never found a more compatible emulator for NES.

Nintendo 64: Project64 1.6
Simply amazing, but still N64 emulation needs work!

Atari Jaguar: Project Tempest 0.95
Good emulator, and certainly one of the best for this system.

Nintendo GBx / GBA: Visual Boy Advance 1.7.2
The best, simple huh.

Amazing, though the GUI sux cock.

Nintendo GameCube: Dolphin
The only current and most compatible GC emu out there.

Sega Saturn / ST-v: Satourne
Lets ignore crapini shall we folks, this one is legal, legit, and amazingly good.

There are many more out there, I haven't even started with Computer stuff, like Atari ST, C64, BBC Micro etc......TOSEC.....errfffff

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Well, I disagree with a few here:

Sega Saturn: SSF
Snes: Snes9x ( All my snes games plays on this, it doesn't on Zsnes )
Sega 8 bit: Massage ( okay so it's a old Dos emulator, but it runs great even on my old old 486 machine and the sound is superb! :p )

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I'm going to have to disagree with CK on a few points as well.

Sega Saturn: SSF (I think it even beats Cassini these days in terms of compatibility.)

PlayStation One: PSXeven (In my personal experience it's given me better speed and compatability than ePSXe. I like the GUI better to, even if it is a little buggy.)

MegaDrive / 32X / SEGA CD / SMS: Kega Fusion (It surpassed Gens recently when the author managed to get the sound emulation nearly perfect.)

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Yes if it's used to play commercial games without owning the game or the original console
Then the one being illegal would be the ISO's or ROM's, not the emulator itself :p

It would be illegal for example, if it came embedded with a trademarked ISO, if it used propetary code without permission, or things of the like.

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Player-X said:
how about ones that emulates the original console BIOS? would that be a gray area or ilegal?
Ask Sony about Bleem :rolleyes:

I'd say the console developer should be glad someone is doing that since it will save them money, remember most consoles are being sold with a loss which will be made up for by selling games. Too bad they don't think that way :p

@ Book: The cassini emulator is considered illegal as it's an hack of a commercial emulator. These kind of emulators aren't appreciated in the scene as the 'coder' did nothing more than just alter a few things to a copyrighted program, and claimed that it's work of his own.
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