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Hey guys,

Been a while since I last dropped by and posted.. amazing to think I originally signed up in 2001 here.. where did the time go haha

20 years ago I was all over this stuff but I'm a bit out of touch with emulators these days so am wondering what are considered the best emulators in the community now for the below consoles. I'll also write what I'm still using after all these years so you can tell me whether I'm still using the best option or something that's been left in the cobwebs and dust due to something way better on offer these days haha! I'm also probably using super old versions of emulators that may still be being worked on today sorry haha!

Master System + Game Gear - Dega v1.12 & sometimes MEKA v0.73 (back the day meka was the community fav but i was never a huge fan of it so I usually only used it if dega was struggling with a game)
Genesis/Mega Drive + 32X + CD - Gens v2.14 (nothing came close to Gens for me back in the day however these days it does a number of things that annoy me such as not properly mapping diagonal movements)

NES Nintendo Entertainment System - RockNESX v2.0
Game Boy + Colour + Advance - VBAdvanceR v23.4
SNES Super Nintendo Entertainment System - ZsnesW v1.51 & sometimes Snes9x v1.51 (I remember back in the day Snes9x wasn't really being worked on anymore and ZsnesW was the better option however I think I've seen Snes9x still being worked on today so has it retaken the crown? or has something else taken it?)
Nintendo64 - Project64 v1.6
Game Cube + Nintendo Wii - Dolphin v3.0


PlayStation - ePSXe v2.0.5 (still play a bit of PSX stuff so i've kept this one up to date.. but is ePSX still considered the best option these days by the community?)
PlayStation 2 - PCSX2 v0.9.8 (guessing this one is still the best option, I just need to update it haha)
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