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Best Emu for FF9

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I'm planning to buy FF9 and i want to know whats the best emu to run it. I've heard that ePSXe is doing fine.... Any suggestions?
By the way, i've heard that VGS wont work on W2K? Could someone confirm me that?


Tenchi Muyou
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Epsxe + FF9 = WOW... well.. on my comp it runs perfectly without any problem.. Epsxe is the best for FF9..

Uploading snaps still don't work at the moment.. :(
fivefeet8 is right ePSXe is the best emu right now for FFIX it is like playing SNES games in zsnes: savestates, soundtrack recording(using eternal spu), fast forward(frame limiter off). really nice;)
Another question i forgot to ask....

Does any emu have some support to PSX pocketstation?
I think not, never heard about it, but i got Love Hina for PSX and i would love to play it, but it needs the pocketstation. If not ill have to play it on a real console at my friend's house.. :(
There is a pockestation emulator, but it's not supported in the current psx emulators..
Could u tell me the name pls?
I think ill try it anyway..... it would be really a help if i could play love hina :D


1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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