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Best DVD player

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For you...what is the best (and not much expensive) DVD player , and region-free (It's evident!)

For the other french : J'vous l'demande aussi mais si vous connaissez un endroit ou k'c'est-y pas chère ?!:D
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nowadays, the dvd-rom format isn t used (or just a bit).
So, if u just want to buy a dvd player in order to (heh i think ;) )
see dvd videos, they re nearly all the sames...
cd reading speed; 40x.
to use the region free setting, just d/l a tweaking tool (i m using dvd genie...Just sufficient)

arf, et pour l endroit essayes a paris, c la où on trouve le plus de bonnes affaires (il y rennes aussi mais pour te conseiller une boutique/magasin alors la....)

Ouep mais j'cherche un bon modèle. (Chais pas un sony , ou un truc dans c'genre?!)

Yep! But I'm searchin' for a very good modele (not very expensive)
Dunno a sony model or somtehing like dat
I have a Pioneer DVD Drive and it works well(well it's 2 years old so you should fid something much better now).

But the DVD drive isn't everything.
You need a good software to watch DVDs,the best IMO are WinDVD and PowerDVD.
Or you can buy a card which will make the decompression of the DVD in hardware,that's what I have(and the best card on the market BTW)and the quality is miles ahead of softwares named above,even if my GF2 supports it in hardware it is not the same quality and all,when I watch with those software there's some kind of Blur which make the movie really awful.
I also heard that ATI had the best hardware on support on 3D cards for DVDs.
well, i m using a pioneer dvd player 16X.
It costed about 1300 FF when i bought it (about 8 months i think)
And i ve had no problems w/ it...

Yep, but I have an Athlon 1.33Ghz, I think it's useless for me to use a decompression card
And u can read other region with it? No restriction in the firware?
It's not the CPU that supports DVDs,it's you video card,of course if your video card doesn't support DVDs,then your CPU will do it but the quality will be even worse!
And as far as I know,no processor is coming close to the quality of a decompression card,I have a Pentium3 [email protected] and it works well in PowerDVD or WinDVD but the quality is bad
Boarf we'll see!:)
I don't have too much money to spend for this , and a pack DVD + decompression card is too expensive for me :( (1500FF environ)

I'm going to buy a new HD too, because I want to make DivX and my current HD is shitty (8Go) Sooooo.....:)

But, but, but, what are still doin' here????????????:confused: :confused: :confused:

Go outside !!! 14th july! Personnaly I'm planning to be drunk at 11Pm sooo I have to go quick! :spy: :rolleyes:
I don't think you need a very fast DVD drive,try to find a 1/2 years old on,it will be around 500FF,and about the MPEG card,mine only costs 500FF too,so you won't have to pay 1500FF.
The DVD player?
Look for shops which sell parts and you'll surely find one(maybe it will have already been used,but those shops test them,so it should be safe).
Mouep...I'll check it in shops in Lorient, Vannes, or Lanester...dunno
you may wanna check out this mpeg decoder
and if you're interested in it go here to get it for US$40 +shipping.
just go to the site and there are three search fields at the top of the page. find sigma designs under the brand search. then get the one for $40.

or there's also the real magic hollywood plus with more features from the same company for a bit more $
I'd recommend the Hollywood+ ,every review of it always said it's the best,and it's still the best nowadays.
Sigma Designs rules when it comes to DVDs.
yeah, the hollywood+ has the em83xx chip. According to the sigma designs sight though the em8220 chip is basically the same quality, but has less features. The choice is yours. You can probably find the Hollywood+ for about US$44 on
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