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Best Cooling Solutions?

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Recently, I noticed that my computers been kinda hot lately. Running HL2 Demo and Doom 3. The temps rise like crazy. I have 3 fans jammed in here, but it already sounds like a 747 :p

Now, I have been looking into over clocking, researching it as much as I can. Sometime in the future I wanna try my go at overclocking my Video Card and CPU. With the new games coming out I can't always play them as I like to - (High res and tons of AA and AF!)

So ... to the point. Soon i'm getting a job and I wanna buy some cooling for my computer. I was looking into water cooling, but I'm still not sure about it. Fans are just too noisy and other options I have seen just seem way too expensive (upwards of $500.00-$1000.00 or higher!)

I want something easy to set up (to the point where it's not gonna take me a week), something easy to manage - water cooling is about as hard as I want it), something that I can actually afford - I'm gonna say $200.00 is my limit (Canadian finds people!) And something that is effective. Hopefully I'm looking for something that can decrease my temperatures by about 20C :)

I really don't know if this is all possible, but I am asking you's first ;)

Thanks for your help if you can give any. Oh and if you have any other questions i'll be sure to answer fast :p
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zalman is the way to go, almost dead silent, and they started making gpu coolers based off of the cpu hsf coolers that hushy and i have. check them out at:
I'm currently using a Zalman 7000B AlCu myself (read a review that says it beats the pure copper CU version). However, I do think that water wud be nice. silent is also good. so why not get both by getting a Zalman Reserator. The thing is silent, pretty cool looking to have beside your comp, and its water cooling.
Razor check out, they have a store in edmonton if you want to make the trip. You can find alot there. Basically what you will want are:

Ram Heatspreaders
Arctic Silver 5
Copper Ramsinks for the Radeon
ATi Silencer 3
Vantec Stealth Fans or some variant...
Superglue :p
Sweet! Thanks you guys. I was looking into the Reserator 1 from Zalman. I hope it can fit under my desk, i'll have to look at the dimensions later.

I'm so glad there's actually a store in Edmonton Reich! For some reason my family dislikes credit cards and online shopping :p So 99% of the time i'm stuck ordering through a company or not getting my way! :heh:

Thanks again guys. Oh and if you have any other tipc please please give them :) Anything will help.
check if your MOBO has mounting holes first, some water cooling systems use them to mount thier waterblocks
Mounting holes are on all S478 boards. All you have to do is take off the retention bracket and use them. :cool:
not to mention, installation is tricky because depending on the kit, you're going to have to slather all this goop in your socket and on your cpu to prevent condensation
Yeah. I'm not up to smothering my CPU and board in thermal grease. :p
Don't worry as long as no part goes below ait tempreture you don't have to, he is using conventional air cooling anyway so that won't be a problem
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