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Can't get X360CE to hook BeebEm - tried enabling each of the hook options in turn, but devices just bypass it and connect direct to BeebEm. Sorry, not very tech aware here - i'm prolly missing something simple?

Just think tho - Revs 5 Track, with an FFB wheel. Eh? EH? Yeah.

Didn't know it always had a joystick mode if you hit shift+F3.. only found out today. Been hotlapping Silverstone and Brands all afternoon, think GTR2 in 1984 and you're close. In 320x200x8. So what. It's the original thoroughbred sim racer, made by a physicist, in 8k, at a time when there were only racing-themed arcade games..

Enable the centering spring and it's trippy, floating out of corners on a perfect steady line you could only dream of using keys..

But the throttle and brake axes need delineating to separate pedals (currently y+ is accelerate and y- is brake), amongst other little details (need gamma gain on the x axis for steering and a fire button macro for the paddle shifter).

I also have Ds3 dual-shock here, so likewise, might be fun to set that up with GT or GTA-style controls.

Ideal job for X360CE, no?

The other route i'm considering is vJoy or ppJoy with Virtual Controller - get BeebEm using the virtual controller and then map that to the wheel.. but X360CE seems simpler, if i can get it to hook..
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