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Beast Wars: Transmetals

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Hey, yeah okay so I'm trying to play Beast Wars: Transmetals and everything works fine I mean the menu and all but when I actually try to play the bar loads to about 1/4 of the way and then doesn't do anything else. If anyone knows how to get this working please let me know. Thanks.
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Running it from an ISO or CD?
Try posting your plugin configs here.
I need tha actual configuration. (settings and such.)
Disable subchannel reading and run it off via the CD.
Hmmm...I suggest downloading Mooby's CDR plugin in my signature below.
Mount the image in Mooby and try running it by RUN CD.
Read here.

Besides, you should mount the image (.ISO extension) not the cue file.
Try using Alcohol 120% to remake the ISO using the 'Playstation' preset.
Hmmm....looks like using another emulator such as the PSXeven might solve your problem.
1 - 6 of 18 Posts
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