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i have a problem, i try to play "Beachvoley", i
can look the presentation, when i press a start or
select, the game pass to select language, an say "no
controler ..."
I read this in the FAQ:

Q: During certain games (for example Driver, Ridge
Racer, X-Men Vs. Street Fighter etc.),
I can press whatever I want to, the emulator
doesn't react. Can this be fixed?
A: Yes, to get the controller working again, you just
need to enable "SIO IRQ always on"
in the misc menu or simply press F4 during

When i press F4, the message "no controler..."
disappear and i can select the language, but i can't
do it, because the keyboard don't work.
If i press F4 again, the message" no controler..."
appear again.

I hope that someone can help me.
Thanks, Diego.

PD: i have directx 8.0a and i use digital only pad
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