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Beatiful weather out there, so let's get that one posted quickly : The <a href="" TARGET="_blank">Boycott Advance/SDL homepage</a> got updated with a status progress what's currently happening with the emu. It seems the author was ill during the past few days and therefor wasn't able to work on the port. He now set the release date to this sunday, and plans to include (or already did) the following changes (and maybe even more) into the emulator :<ul><li>Insync with the 0.22b R3 emulation-core;
<li>Compiled entirely for Pentium Pro (and up) CPU's (gives speedboost);
<li>Implented 2nd scanline option;
<li>Implented slightly faster graphical output;
<li>Implented multiple savestates per game;</ul>Sounds like a lot of cool stuff he plans there! You can check out the official homepage by checking <a href="" TARGET="_blank">this link</a> !
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