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How comes we're usually starting the day with a gba post ? :) Anyway, the official <a href="" TARGET="_blank">NeoPocott/SDL</a> homepage has been updated with a status update, showing the changes coming with the latest windows version, added into the SDL one. Here's what the author told regarding the next release :<ul>... Of course this version has all the goodies from WIN32 (see the <a href="" TARGET="_blank">official website</a> about the what's new stuff). This version however will have some additions to it (so not a simply recompile of the new core) :<ul>
<li>Implented additional Scanline routines on Y-ax (Niels);
<li>Implented faster graphics output (Niels/Caz);
<li>Implented multiple savestate banks (Niels);</ul>
With the new core the sound output as well as the emulation speed, has been improved bigtime. On my P2/350 running Linux (RH7.1, nvidia detonator and X4.03) I can run most games on 60FPS with soundenabled with a frameskip of 5 ...</ul>Sounds like a great update ... ever wondered what the heck that SDL means and what it's about ? Then it's certainly time to check out our <a href="">Boycott Advance/SDL</a> section and learn more about this one. You should also check out the <a href="" TARGET="_blank">homepage</a> for a screenshot showing scanlines (ugh!) and more news.
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