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I was wondering if anyone knew what's the best set-up for running the first Baten Kaitos? My hardware is:
Windows XP 32bit
Intel Pentium D CPU 2.80 GHz (for each core)
2.50 GB of RAM
ATI Radeon HD 4670
Creative SoundBlaster X-Fi Xtreme Music

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well i am playing with rev 2729 which seems to works pretty good with this game. Just can use all the config general settings with this game but i think that you wont get very good fps with your cpu anyway, because i have core 2 duo e8500 and i still get some framedrops sometimes.

Somehow i founded in that rev the game wont have a strange few seconds hang in the battle but it seems to be in the new revs.
And the intro dont still have sounds and using ZTP bloom hack will make the game charecters get messed with the background, so it looks like they are standing in top of a table or a bed etc... Also some effects or texts wont show. The hack is only needed in the game battle so you can see all the text.

Otherwise this game really looks awesome in dolphin, and is playable.:thumb:
Still would be great if those problems can be someday fixed.:D
Or maybe someone else knows better settings.

And a few pics, so you can see the graphic problems.
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