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I'm expecting my friend mailing me Baldurs Gate - Dark Alliance in the next day or two and I checked the PCSX2 compatibility table and it's listed as menus only :(

Does anyone know if this is still correct,how often is the list updated,has it been updated since the latest version of the emu was released?

I'd be much obliged if anyone with any suggestions could help me with running the game as I'm a huge fan of the series and Bioware in general and have played everything and was amazed that this game even existed without me knowing about it.

Thanks for any help you're able to give me (even if it's bad news)

PS. My system is:
Intel C2D E8400 (@3.8Ghz)
4 x 1Gb Geil DDR2 RAM
ATI Radeon HD4870 (1 GB)
Asus P5KC mobo
Vista 64 OS.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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