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I'm starting to think you're right, I tried Guilty Gear XX and it looks perfect, sprites and all.

If that's really the case that sucks... The bad sprites are my only deterrent from playing.
As mentioned above, If you have a real arcade monitor or a TV(crt) the characters will look perfect. Its because the REAL GAME uses lowres sprites for the charcters but on a low res monitor is looks fine.

Nulldc just emulates the games. No more. No less.

If playing the game the way it is intened is detouring you then your going to miss out on great games. you can get a real arcade monitor or out put to a TV(CRT) and enjoy the way it was meant to be played. Most users (mame especially) are arcade enthausiasts and will have it no other way. You just cant upscale low res graphics and/or apply smoothing filters that just distort the image more than correct it.

Just my two cents
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