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Bad Capacitors on Your Mobo Could Cause Instability

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Hi guys,
I've posted before about the random BSODs I was having, and today I've solved half of the mystery. My previous motherboard, the Epox 8k3a, was indeed causing the problems, and it is in turn caused by bad capacitors. I can clearly see the brown/yellow stuff that are on two bulging capacitors of the mobo. This is a known problem with many mobos, due to the capacitor's (or the stuff inside it) formula was faulty. For more info, visit:
Right now I'm still having trouble with flashing screen and BSODs with the new mobo. Seems like it doesn't like any version of Nvidia drivers. As long as I run the comp w/o them, it's rock stable. With them,it flashes and shut down whenever it feels like. I hope I can see the end of this one day.
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Glad mine uses japanese capaciters

I've seen people with bad caps before, It BSODed when I was reformating his windows installation because his windows installation is corrupted and his HD was empty anyway
The bad caps problem on mobos was a thing of a few years ago.. not going on anymore. Manufacturers tried to lower costs by using cheaper caps from a company who stole a flawed electrolyte formula, and they learned from that mistake. Even my ASRock uses Japanese capacitors these days. :)
My old Abit BE6 had bad caps everywhere... Bulging and oozing... It was a terrible thing. I replaced them and it works fine now. I've seen soooo many older Socket A boards with bad caps at work.. It's sad really.
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