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A new version of the BitTorrent client was released yesterday. Here's the changelog.

New Features:

Core | Manual peer upload blocking (when seeding) and kick-banning
Core | Control added to not cache small files (default no cache for < 1MB)
Core | Ability to cancel torrent creation processes added
Core | Ability to cancel sharing process added
Core | Ability to pass multiple torrents to Azureus.exe
Core | Added configuration items for tracker processing limits
Core | Option to open torrent for seeding in create-torrent Wizard
Core | Auto-rescan of shared resources + addition/deletion of shares accordingly
Core | Persistence of download and tracker stats for shares
Core | Advanced network settings: MTU, SO_RCVBUF, SO_SNDBUF, IPTOS
Core | Optimistic Connect: drop inactive connections in order to find better ones
Core | Added ability to apply updates and shutdown Azureus instead of restarting
Core | Can now specify that password protected tracker web is only available via HTTPS, HTTP access -> access denied
Core | Can now specify comment to be added to share torrents
Core | resume data no longer saved to torrent files, stored in %user-dir%/active instead
Core | Plugin support for installing and uninstaling plugins
Core | Category support for shares
Core | Apply updates and defer applicaton to later restart/close
UI | Added 'share' support to console UI
UI | Option to show confirmation dialog on torrent Removal
UI | Added Seed2PeerRatio item to MyTorrents view
UI | Added detailed connection State to peers view
UI | Added Connected Time item to peers view
UI | Option to add torrent downloads silently (without activating main Azureus window)
UI | Added download speed limit column to MyTorrents
UI | Telnet UI added
UI | Auto-open stats option added
UI | Plugin install/uninstall wizards
UI | Double click on status bar progress area to give details of update/install/uninstall progress
UI | SWT/Console share support for setting category
UI | Pick out links (anything prefixed with "http") in torrent comments in general view
Plug | Status mailer support for SMTP port, user + password
Plug | Status mailer support for plain text notifications


Core | Support azureus.install.path parameter, used by new linux launcher script
Core | Moved config items for tracker client overrides + UDP to tracker client config
Core | Also do dynamic tracker re-announce interval overrides when seeding; uses peer count only
Core | NAT check url changed to aelitis server
Core | Reduce tracker re-announce frequency when incoming connections are accepted (unfirewalled)
Core | Remove old auto-migration code
Core | Update restart logic now preserves JVM max mem setting for Sun JVMs
Core | Cleanup and optimize choke-unchoke logic
Core | Added an option to enable the prioritization of most completed Files, default is off
Core | Default http tracker to disabled
UI | Create torrent wizard now initially defaults torrent save path from "save to" default
UI | Obey "start stopped" config item for dropped torrents
UI | Torrents no longer need to be stopped before removal is allowed
UI | Graphical view item refresh optimizations
UI | Change context menu selection for queue/stop/force-start/recheck to be "at least one can be..." rather than "all can be..."
UI | More pre-defined speed ranges for queue slot limits
UI | Improve wording of "delete torrent?" prompt
Plug | UPnP information messages now off by default

Corrected bugs:

Core | Fix for kernel panics under MacOSX
Core | Handle passing of torrents to already running but not fully initialised process better
Core | Default save dir was defaulting to ON, changed to OFF
Core | Tidied up UPnP error handing if action missing
Core | Scrape mult-tracker torrents correctly when download not running
Core | Upload/download/share ratio frig for newly added seeds made consistent
Core | Fix for stalls from system clock being set backwards in time
Core | Fixed up bad behaviour on out-of-disk-space falures
Core | Fixed torrents getting stuck in READY state
Core | Fix potential connection establishment backlog
Core | Fix potential DOS by timing out stalled connections
Core | Fix bug in re-announce interval override calculation when connection limit has been reached
Core | Fix for hangs when scraping due to slow DNS resolves
Core | Fix for UPnP failing if trailing spaces in 'action name'
Core | Fixed bug in choke/unchoke logic when number of connected peers < max upload slots
Core | Updater problems with non-ascii chars in user dir (again!)
Core | Created torrents had name.utf-8 tag in wrong place
Core | UDP scrape responses being handled incorrectly
Core | Fixed the "high priority" piece-picking for files
UI | Old language files in user dir causing !missing! item texts
UI | Fix for window state not being remembered between sessions
UI | Fix for messages window being closed while animated
UI | Fix for BUG 1059432 : Download bars spawning multiple times when set to auto open
UI | Fix for BUG 1061538 : /0 error if no pieces
UI | Fix create-torrent wizard to remember paths properly
UI | Fixed up opening of torrent files not ending in ".tor" or ".torrent"
UI | Fix Health icons sometimes not refreshing
UI | Fix bug with Azureus crashing when quitting on OSX if the Stats view has been opened
UI | Fix the fuzzy Azureus icon bug under OSX
UI | IPFilter config view slow to display when thousands of ranges are set
UI | Fixed bug 1081886 : stats graphics can now be 2000 pixels wide, instead of only 1600 before
Plug | UPnP plugin support for multi-homed machines improved
You can get the new version here

It seems like the mirror for the auto updater is going extremely slow so if you don't want to wait, then try downloading the whole program from the mirrors listed.

Edit: The auto updater seems to be working OK now, I just had to let it sit for a while. I'll be seeding the update so hopefully that will help out with anyone else that goes to update :).

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i got the update last nigh, gotta love the auto update feature. :thumb:
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