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<div>Just a few days after the first WIP, Azimer has released new progress on it's way to version 0.56 of his excellent audio plugin for N64 emulators. This is, as expected, a bugfix over WIP 1:</div>
<blockquote style="margin-right: 0px;" dir="ltr">
<div><em>*** v0.56 WIP 2 *** </em></div>
<div><em>- Bug Fix release... nothing much new </em></div>
<div><em>- Finally received Project64 1.6 </em></div>
<div><em>- Hydro Thunder and Tarzan work well by using Project64 1.6's </em></div>
<div><em>- Fixed those nasty SP_DMA_READ Errors </em></div>
<div><em>- Fixed hangups in all roms which worked before </em></div>
<div><em>- Eliminated some pops and crackles in games that shouldn't have them </em></div>
<div><em>- And no... configuration has not been changed (least of my worries)</em></div></blockquote>
<div>» Download the plugin <a title="Azimer's Audio 0.56 download" href=";id=142" target="_blank">here</a>.</div>
<div><span class="newspost">» Please submit bug reports, feedback and everything else to this <a title="Original Emutalk thread" href="" target="_blank">thread</a>.</span> </div>
<div>» Thanks to <a title="Original post from Keith." href="" target="_blank">Keith</a> for the information. </div></div></div>
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