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I'm bored and since I just had my engine running nicely this morning but it's functionality was very limited.

It would take me months to get a feasible engine up and running.

So I decided to pay a visit to a few sites and look what I came up with.

I have experience with some other game engines in Java.
Mainly jME and LWJGL(not an engine but an OpenGL binding for Java).

From my experience these engines just have the basic groundwork there for you, in no way is this a point and click game maker.

Don't expect to knock up a game in 5-10 minutes.
An hour for a very basic game assuming you know what you're doing and understand basic 3D concepts.

Now for those interested this is what you need to do:

Make sure you have the .NET 1.1 framework.
Also make sure you have DirectX redistributable developer kit or the DirectX SDK.

Also make sure you have either Visual Studio 2003/2002/2005B or my favourite IDE #Develop.

Even though I have the full retail version($300 AUD) of VS 2003, I prefer #Develop as it feels a little better and it saves me from writing macros to generate properties for variables as well as some other features VS.NET 2003 doesn't include off the bat.

Get a CVS command line tool (it's the quickest).

Extract the contents into a directory such as "c:\cvs".

Open up the command prompt through Windows.
Go to the CVS directory and type this in(without the quotes):
"cvs -z3 -d:pserver:[email protected]:/cvsroot/axiomengine co Axiom".

Now download the Axiom dependencies you need to compile the program.

Also make sure you download the required Tao OpenGL library and replace the Tao in the dependency directory in Axiom.

It should be "C:\CVS\Axiom\Dependencies\Managed\Tao_OpenGl.dll".
Just replace it with the file above which is the newest version of Tao.

Extract the dependencies into the c:\CVS\Axiom folder.

Open the command prompt once again if you've previously closed it.

Go to the Axiom directory.

Run one of these commands based on your IDE(without quotes):
For #Develop:
"dnpb /target sharpdev"

For Visual Studio 2003:
"dnpb /target vs2003"

For Visual Studio 2002:
"dnpb /target vs2002"

Now run the solution and compile the library.

You will have a few errors with references.
Remove these references under:

Axiom.Platforms.Win32 :->

Axiom.RenderSystems.DirectX9 :->

Axiom.RenderSystems.OpenGL :->

Then add these references again back into the same places I asked you to remove them from. :lol:

Tao_OpenGL.dll is located under the "C:\CVS\Axiom\Dependencies\Managed\Tao_OpenGl.dll" folder.

The reason you need to replace(that's the entire point of removing them and re-adding them ;)) these libraries is because the program's looking for them in a different place than where they are on your system.

Rebuild your library and it should now work.

Now you can use Axiom for all your development needs. :evil:
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