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Awesome Site!

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Hey Bobbi,

The site's looking great. I loved PSXEmu.Com and it's awesome that you've expanded onto that with NGEmu.Com by adding the other consoles. I find the site VERY informative and helpful. Thanks for such an amazing emu-related site!
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I think it needs to be mentioned that this site wouldn't be reality without Thorgal :) (hmm, how did I get to this topic now ? :p)

I'm sorry, Thorgal!

Both of you, you do an awesome job!
Originally posted by Thorgal
tssk, I don't even get credit? ;p
hey.. take it easy... you deserve a lot of credit too, after all you did a lot for the site... (without excluding bobbi of course)
hehe, actually, I was just (well, still am ;)) in a weird mood.. I usually ain't so picky ;)
Big lie of the day:
Bobbi is like Reality Man,taking all the credit from Thorgal's (Epsilon)work :D .
Seriously they deserve equal credit(at least that's what I think).
It's okay Thorgal. You had right to correct me there. I should've mentioned you. I just spaced for some reason...

I've been in those "weird" moods before too. ;)
this site is the shiatzu, lol
i love this site, ppl in the forum r great too
Thorgal I guess it is the life of a side kick ... Robin didn't get much credit either, but people still liked him. (Batman, Robin reference for those who don't get it).

Actually Thorgal is the one who designed the site and put in a lot of hours working on the sections, so yes in my eyes he deserves a lot of credit and I believe NGEmu wouldn't be around without all his effort. Great work Thorgal ;)
well.. what can we say....


thank you, thorgal!!!!!!!!

Thanks Thorgal!!! The site looks great.

Those countless hours spent designing it really payed off ;)
Uhm, thank you all, I really appreciate it, but I really didn't mean to 'hint' for credit :D Time to give credit again to Bobbi, all the board admins, fluffy, who-knows-who-I-forgot and ofcourse YOU :)
Originally posted by Thorgal
Uhm, thank you all, I really appreciate it, but I really didn't mean to 'hint' for credit :D Time to give credit again, all the board admins
he he he !!! I'll be one day between them (well.... I hope so)
then there would be

Thanx Throgal and Bobbi !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
man I can´t just get that to work but thats the point of all Thanx thorgal and bobbi
What I guess you're trying to do looks like this :

Thanx Throgal and Bobbi !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The hint ? Well, you forgot to close the brackets again (for example [/FONT])

I can see that Bobbi is a Final Fantasy fan. ;)

Final Fantasy Rocks!
They all do!!!

I've been hooked ever since Final Fantasy III came out for the Super NES. Truthfully, anything Squaresoft makes is worth my money...
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