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Here's what happens:

I select Tools > Record > Start AVI recording

I name my video and the location I want it to save to.

In other videos I see an additional box pop up for information such as framerate I think, I don't get this.

I play a few seconds of the game.

I select Tools > Record > Stop AVI recording

When I go to the directory, there is no avi file there.

What's going wrong?


I'm using version 1.8.0 beta because it fixed slowdown I was receiving on 1.7.2

The game is Final Fantasy VI Advance, and if it matters, my computer specs are 3.2 GHz Q6600, 4 gigs ram, 2x SLI 512mb GeForce 8800 GTs. Windows XP Pro.

Tested in 1.7.2 and got the same results. Tested a different ROM (Drill Dozer), got the same results.

Edit: (again)

I usually play with sound turned off, since it usually sounds kinda garbled at times, so I turned it on to see if it made a difference. Well, it did... With the sound on when I click "save" to select a directory, VBA just crashes outright. I'm assuming this has something to do with whatever issue I'm having.

I'm guessing I'm having some sort of sound issue with VBA... any ideas? I've tried randomly switching through settings but nothing seems to be really working.

I'm using Realtek HD Drivers, I have onboard sound.

Any ideas anyone? Haven't been able to progress my game for a couple days cause I'm all set up for a part I want to record. :D

Spending an entire day trying to fix this is driving me absolutely insane - does anyone have any idea, no matter how dumb it seems?

I tried the latest (I think) version of VBA-M, but that just gave me an error after selecting record AVI ("Cannot create AVI file" after clicking save)

VBA Kode54 has the same behavior. Think I'm running out of alternate versions of VBA...


Editing this again... can anyone please take a look and offer some help? I've played through an entire game to take a few vids towards the end and now I haven't been able to play for a week because of this. Anyone out there? Even a suggestion for maybe a better place to get help? Anything at all? A "hey, how's it going man?"

Frustrated beyond belief....
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