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Avalon beta released

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I'll be downloading it just for the heck of it, i wanna see what is it about this engine that people talk so much about.

For those living under the shadow for the past few months Avalon is:

Avalon consists of a display engine and a managed code framework. For the first time, Avalon will unify how Windows creates displays and manipulates documents, media and the user interface.
More here
The Avalon Community Technology Preview Download
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Watched a few videos on this trying to learn about the next windows. It seems to me that they are advertizing that its done in 3D with vectors or something.
I installed it, and there was a .iso file... Not to sure what to do, thought it was going to be a video.
ya... maby when finnals are done, gota keep suddying
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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