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If I understand correctly, VBA on Windows will not load from or save to a battery file (.sav) unless you use the "Import" or "Export" functions. All of the more or less "automatic" saving functions (uing Shift+F[1-10] and F[1-10]) are for state save files (.st0, etc.).

I know that for most people, this is helpful and preferable. However, I'm trying to do some tricky things to keep my battery (.sav) files in sync across a Windows computer, a Linux computer, and an Android device. I figured that battery files were much more cross-platform friendly than state save files. I think the only thing that I need to make the process seamless is some sort of automatic/automated loading and saving to battery files.

I suppose it's not that bad to click "Import" and "Export" every time...but it is a bit tedious, and I know I'm going to forget it at some point. :/

So my question is: just like you can click the "Auto load most recent" option for regular save state files, is there an option to "Auto load battery file"? And an easy "Save to battery file" that writes to the battery file you loaded from? Because that would be great :)
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