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Audio Drivers?

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I just reformatted my computer,and my sound doesn't play.
I've never had this problem before.
I don't know what audio card I have,and don't know how to check it,so I don't know what drivers to get,please help,thanks.
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I suppose your motherboard has a disk with the drivers for your motherboard. If it's via it should have the 4in1 via drivers. It will contain drivers for the onboard devices as well (sound, video...).
I have no idea what youre talking about?
Sorry,I'm not that good with computers.
When you bought your pc a cd must have come with it. It will have the word motherboard in it. That's the disk you need.

Other than right-click My pc and select properties, then hardware, and finally device manager. There you should find a yellow exclamation icon for every device that needs drivers. Check their properties and see if the name or model of the onboard sound is indicated an proceed to download the drivers.

Thirdly, you can go to then select:

mobo tools > mobo id tools

download one of the programs, these will tell you you motherboard id and the bios id. This is a unique string that is specific to each motherboard.

you can then look up this string to find the motherboard manuals and stuff (sound drivers) if produced.

Alternatively go to and in the download section look for an utility called Belarc Advisor. It's trialware but it will tell you the moedl of your motherboard so you can go the the manufacturers site, look for the model of your mb and download the drivers if you don't have the cd but
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goto start -> run -> type 'devmgmt.msc' -> ok, and under Sound, Video and game Controllers you should find your sound card. it probably has a yellow exclamation mark. then just google for "<soundcard> drivers" and you should find it.
or you could open up your case and look at your motherboard to find it's name and model, and google for it.
better solution, get everest home edition Go to computer/summary.
It tells you everything´s on your pc.
Just click on the "download drivers" option.

Heres a pic of my system to help you:
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