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I was looking on ebay for "last minutes deals" on laptops see if I can find smth better than mine for my money. I found a P3 650 that was ending in 11 mins at only 147$CAN , I went and took a look ( it's over now :p) . Then I felt on a weird story..... smth like the laptop was possessed by smth....


if the link doesn't work or the auction is gone or lazy people that want to read immediatly, I paste it here (along with the Q/A):

auction said:
Please know that I MUST get rid of this thing. I'm afraid for the well being of myself and others while this laptop rests in my home. PLEASE bid carefully. PLEASE know what you're getting yourself into with this... this... this.....

Ten months ago, I purchased this machine from here on eBay. I was excited; I'd never had a real laptop before! All I could think about what taking it to the couch, sending e-mail from my bedroom and doing work on the back deck. Oh how my life would change once I got a laptop! Well, my life did change. But not for the better. Things took a drastic turn for the worse.

I saw a laptop, a Compaq Armada M700, listed for a decent price. It seemed too good to be true. This had all the features I was looking for! It came with a battery! A network card! A big bright 14.1 inch screen! A built in DVD player! And with a 650mhz P3 processor and 128mb of ram, it was more than fast enough for what I needed it for! "Wow," I said to myself, "this is the laptop I need." It was as though the laptop chose me. It was looking like a match made in heaven! I bid. I won.

Almost immediately things went to hell. After I won, I received a strange cryptic message from the seller. It made very little sense, with symbols I had never seen before. They were similar to Egyptian hieroglyphs, for my knowledge they may have been. It was very odd. But, at the bottom of this message were the instructions to pay clear as a bell! It was the only part of the e-mail that made any sense. I paid. Now all I needed was to wait.

So I waited. And waited. I knew it took time to ship things, but I was really getting anxious. I got worried after a week. Maybe he had forgot? Maybe he hadn't received my payment? Who knows. I began to e-mail the seller to make sure everything was okay. Then wouldn't you know it, the funniest thing happened. As my cursor rested over the "send" button, I heard the doorbell ring. And do you know who it was? It was the UPS man with a box for me! A smile nestled itself on my face. My laptop had arrived!

But something didn't feel right. I sat alone with the box on my coffee table, I just stared at it. Something about it, there was something. It's hard to explain. It was like the box had an aura. An energy. And it just didn't feel right. But I foolishly ignored this feeling. After all, it was just a box with my computer! Silly me. There's no way it could have an aura. But as I peeled the tape from the box, I felt it again stronger than ever. There was definitely something not right.

I had to leave the room, I suddenly felt nauseated. My heart was racing, my head throbbing. I got myself a glass of water and calmed myself down. I had my doubts that the package was causing me to feel the way I did. "This is it, enough of this foolishness!" I thought. I put my glass down and walked right into that room. I tore that package to shreds. Nothing would stop me this time!

Nothing did. I gazed at the laptop in the box and that aura went away, those bad vibes I was getting vanished. I felt relieved to see that there was nothing wrong; it was just a plain old black laptop. Just an average power cord lay beside it. Packed in regular old packing peanuts. No, there wasn't anything wrong here! Nope. Nothing at all. It was just as I expected.

Cats are wonderful. The way they see a box and just want to dive in, it's so cute! It just warms my heart thinking about my former cat, rusty. But the details of his demise are shrouded in uncertainty. On that day, I removed the laptop and set it on the table. I was plugging it in when rusty dove right into that box! Rusty was playful. He loved those packing peanuts! Rusty was a kid in a ball pit. Until he started to choke.

He was hacking, it was a god-awful sound. I was terrified! I grabbed him out of that box, still the choking continued. Maybe it was a fur ball? I set him down and watched him carefully. He coughed, he spat, and fell. THAT got my attention. It's painful to remember this, so I'll tell you what the vet ruled: My cat rusty had choked on a packing peanut.

For days I couldn't bear to fiddle with that computer. But I had to move on with my life. I turned on the computer for the first time. This is when I discovered that the computer was NOT in as good as condition as described. The following physical flaws presented themselves to me:

The screen had a few noticeable scuffmarks on it in one area. See the picture.
All the stickers on it had been removed.
The battery was DOA.
There was dust in some of the ports on the back. They all still work though, they're just dusty.
There was a small scratch on the frame around the screen in the lower right corner.
The only major glaring flaw was the dead battery. Why get a laptop if the battery is dead? I felt deceived. But I re read the auction, and it stated, "no guarantee on laptop battery." I threw that battery away.

I may not be the most computer savvy person on earth, but I know when I make mistakes. And I know spam when I see it. That's why I was shocked when I went to set up my e-mail. I was starting from scratch. New laptop, new e-mail address, new life. As soon as I finished configuring Outlook Express I had one new message.

How was that possible? No one knew my address yet! Warily, I opened the message. The following will be burned into my memory forever.

It was blank. I went to delete this mystery e-mail when Egyptian hieroglyphs began to appear in the body of the blank message! I had no idea what was going on. It was as though someone was typing to me in real time, using symbols I had never seen before. There was a horrible scream that emitted from my speakers. This was the most painful, bone chilling sound I had ever heard. The laptop went silent. The e-mail disappeared. I was left staring at an empty inbox.

To this day I'm not sure what happened. I don't want to know. I want to be able to forget it. So I suppressed it. I never told anyone about it. I spent the rest of that day finishing setting it all up.

Flash forward a month. I was tethered to the wall by that power cord. If I wasn't seven feet from an outlet, I wasn't going to be using that laptop. I sat there on the couch, most likely browsing eBay, when Jonathan came down to see what I was up to. I showed him, he didn't care. As he went away, his foot caught the power cord. Everything happened so fast. He gave a yell as he hit the ground, and clutched his left leg. "Are you okay?!" I gasped. He continued clutching his leg.

The doctor revealed he nearly broke his leg from that fall. But for now he would be okay. Coyly, the doctor asked how he came about the mishap. I butted in, "running." I don't know why I said that, the words came out so fast. What difference did it make how it happened? Why had I told that doctor that? I didn't want to think about it.

It's now June. I'm on that laptop, typing furiously. My end of the quarter report was due to my manager soon. This was a lot of hard work. My mind was on getting this done. I paid no attention to the sound my laptop was making. Because, as we know, laptops can't laugh! I kept working. The sound got louder. I started to pay attention when the laughing was coming from my speakers. And it was getting louder. I searched for a way to turn it off. I muted everything I could find, yet that laugh got louder. Now it was thundering. Then silence! I sat confused. Did that just happen? My work was in front of me. Except now it was different. The letters were slowly changing. To hieroglyphs. Soon hieroglyphs filled the screen! The laptop made a grinding noise and shut down.

That was the last I'd ever see my laptop working. Now every time I turn it on, I get "1790-Disk 0 ERROR." The computer makes some clicking noise (coming from the hard drive) and goes to a screen where the words say:

Non-System disk or disk error
replace and strike any key when ready

Research has told me that the hard drive failed (hence the clicking and grinding). But I believe that some other force was at work here. Still, every other part seemed to work fine. This laptop has been in a box in my garage for months. As I reflect upon the events that happened in my encounter with this laptop, to this day I feel sick to my stomach. Nothing can change what happened at my home. I'm afraid to throw it away, for some child may find it and take it home, not knowing its story. But now you know the history. You can choose whether to take it into your home or not. But still, I ask you to make that decision carefully.

I cannot take it back. I never want to see this machine again. If you bid, and win, you can pay via paypal, and I'll send. I want this to be very easy. I don't ever want this laptop in my possession again. EVER. I will send you the laptop and the power cord. No battery. I can guarantee that the laptop will turn on, and I guarantee you will get those errors I told you about. I cannot promise anything other than what I just said. I just pray to god that your experience with this laptop is better than mine.

If you can ignore that the hard drive is dead, and the fact that it may be posessed by satan, then this is a great little laptop! But again, please read and reread everything. You need to know what I went through before you bid. And by bidding, you may yourself come into contact with this laptop. I cannot help you once this happens. Once it's yours, it's yours. And it may be yours... forever.
same said:
Q: If you are worried about the pieces of the computer choking someone, why don't you dissolve them in hydrochloric acid? And if you are worried about the hydrochloric acid splashing on someone, why don;t you donate it to Olivet College - specifically, to the science department (we can give you a tax write off). And why haven't you talked to a priest, a preacher, a voodoo witch doctor, a pagan priestess, a ouija board or anything else of that nature about this thing? You can excorcise it yourself, did you know that? If it IS possessed - why don't you send it to George Bush? It may help this country. Have you tried satisfying it by having sex with it - Maybe it's just lonely. Or maybe it's hungry - try feeding it peanut butter and jelly sandwiches - or maybe balolgna. Thanks!! If I had money - which I don't, because our college is RIDICULOUSLY expensive - I would bid on this. So, if someone bids on this, and doesn't pay, let me know and I will bid on it up to what I can afford. Answered on 09-Dec-04
A: The strongest acid I have is coca cola, so dissolving it isn't an option. I would donate it, but I don't know the address of your college. My ouiji board doesn't work. I would exorcise it, but I don't want it puking pea soup all over my living room. George Bush has enough problems without owning a posessed laptop. It's not lonely, I had it "networked" with my sons computer. I would feed it, but I'm allergic to peanuts and can't even pronounce "bololgna." Lastly, I'm sure the winning bidder will follow through.
Q: What did your boss say when he asked you why you didnt hand in your report and you said because your computer was posessed??? Answered on 09-Dec-04
A: I was fired.
Q: Your auction is very entertaining. Answered on 08-Dec-04
A: Bid on it.
Q: did you ever figure that maybe someone put a trojan on the computer and then hacked into it to freak you out, and then crashed it because they were tired of it? all the things you have mentioned are things that you can do by simply hacking into someones computer. as for your cat, i think its possible to choke and die and for the guy that tripped over the wire thats happened to me a lot. but good story anyway Answered on 08-Dec-04
A: Could've been a hacker, could have been satan, or it could have been a random coincidence. But it's most likely posessed.
Q: uh. why don't you just smash it into little pieces? Answered on 07-Dec-04
A: Because with my luck, someone would choke on one of those little pieces.
Q: why would anybody buy this when all you do is talk about how bad it is? Answered on 07-Dec-04
A: Maybe parts? Or, it can make a great Christmas present for that special someone in your life.
Q: You do know that the error you are receiving is because you have a disk in the A: drive, right? Answered on 07-Dec-04
A: The laptop doesn't have an A drive. It doesn't have a floppy drive at all. Ohhhhh.

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I don't think US $188.50 will be enough to cover the costs of the psychiatrist :p

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...if there was ever going to be a sequel to "The Lurking Horror", this guy should be the one to write the story.
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