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Some background on the compy first...

Asus Eee PC 900HA
1.6GHz Intel Atom
graphics are onboard GMA950 - 400mhz, somehow it does support DX9 and pixel shader 2
2GB ram

Don't scoff, i read that apparently someone was running KH on a 1.7GHz laptop with integrated graphics and half my ram at 30-40fps stably.

so, anyone have any idea how? thanks.

I get 40fps... during the intro titles. when the menu comes around it stabs me to around 18-20fps and tons of stutter. After waiting through the intro fmv game plays around 9-14 fps..

I've been fiddling for maybe 2 hours straight to no success.

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Don't belive all the things you read...

Your CPU is too weak for PCSX2, It's more for office work at max energy saving, not for playing.

Also is a single cored one.

Also you use Intel IGP that SUCKS for PCSX2/Dolphin.

The RAM don't play a massive rol here, having 1GB It's more than enough for XP, in Vista with 2GB its ok, even with 1.5GB I think the emu will work normal, having high-end RAM only adds a minimal FPS increase.

Your speed seems pretty normal, other than suggest you using the latest BETA (unofficial) version using the speed hacks your system handle PCSX2 at the way It should be.

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yea i was the one who had that laptop 1.7ghz intel 945gm chipset and did get 30-40fps in kh 1. but never try it my laptop just died and idk if it was b/c i was reteting pcsx2 or not. and i used all the speed hack/nativeres/latest revs to acheive that speed. look at the screenie thread to see the game i tested on the 945gm chipset.
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