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ATi radeon Crossfire w/o master card O_o

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i picked this up from warp2search >_<

can a chinese speaker (well...reader i guess) please translate some of the important parts please ?
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ooooooooooh its like sli... gone horribly right
It basicly says that you can use crossfire with only a crossfire MOBO and 2 normal X850XT graphics cards with a relatively bios hack by flashing a crossfire edition into it while having almost no preformance drops
Except. It doesnt render the second frame at all. Since the boards are swapping frames. The master card is required to sync them. Running it this waywill cause the second frame to not appear.
You could find something to combine the 2 signals into one
so whats the biggest practical difference between running it like this vs real crossfire (apart from the physical lack of master card)?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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