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Athlon XP 1900+(1.6GHz)

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Athlon XP 1.6GHz is out! It's even better than the other ones.
Intel is getting into troubles... Check the site:
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what i like form AMD:

AMD don't have that much of computer/TV/newspaper ads promoting 'How Good and How Fast our Processors are'.

But they let hardware sites, PC magazines, IT experts, and normal home/network users to test and experienced their processors and witness the true 'AMD inside' of AMD's K7 line of family.

this is where P4 failed from the first time of it's birth. they only rely on Intel's Big name as the King of Processors but they forgot what make them to be a King.

It;s like when you're on top of the hill toooo goddamn long, you forgot to look down.

i don't know the best words to describe them in english - but that's just my 2 cents

ps: i never like THG - I prefer AnandTech better
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Originally posted by Demigod79

Yeah, but remember that the vast majority of computers are sold to the average, ignorant consumer who don't go to hardware sites. All they see are megahertz, and big brand names like IBM, HP, Intel, etc. Marketing is very crucial to success and AMD doesn't seem to be doing any of it. They let their CPUs do the talking but there's only a small handful of audiences to hear it. I mean, why do you think Microsoft is investing so much money into promoting Windows XP? It's to create consumer awareness. Also, companies like SNK made good, solid games but their poor business strategies resulted in them getting bankrupt.
unfortunatelly, you're right. AMD doesn't have that much of a power when it comes to Big OEMs.

SNK's bussiness strategies sucks, but hey, i'm not talking their strategies, i'm talking their games! :p
1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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